California native, self taught artist and the face and creator behind Klearwater Studio. I'm a fine artist, painter, sculptor, designer and water lover. Why "Klearwater" you ask? K for the initial of my first name, Lear is my last name and water because I love it!

My exposure to the water at an early age has been the foundation and inspiration for my most of my artwork, and plays a big part in my active lifestyle and creative drive.

My artistic journey began the moment I learned how to pick up a pencil and draw and I’ve always known my passion in life is to create. It’s “klear” my love for the water and nature is expressed through the things I put down on paper. My colorful palette and familiarity with a wide range of mediums I’ve taught myself over the years has allowed me to discover many ways to make art.

Fast forward to adult life, taking the skills I've learned on my own, I attended California State University, Northridge and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree to further my experience in fine art with a major emphasis in drawing and sculpture.

It wasn't until a couple years ago I stumbled upon the world of surface pattern design through an online Skillshare class taught by the lovely Bonnie Christine, where I learned to turn my paintings and sketches into seamless repeating patterns that could be digitally printed on to any fabric. It was then I discovered I could take my artistic ideas blending my love for art and the water together into a successful creative art business Klearwater Studio.

Klearwater Studio is an eco friendly, sustainable brand established in Los Angeles, California. During the start of 2020, I decided to follow a dream and began to explore and find the creative inspiration to pursue an exciting art business, creating vibrant, unique, one of a kind hand painted original works that embody my tropical vibrant artistic style.

All printing for products are made using ecological inks (ECO PASSPORT certified by OEKO-TEX®) on state of the art Japanese printing machines and printed on durable eco fabrics made for digital sublimation printing. This method keeps the colors permanently deep into the yarns and the print vibrant and crisp.

I am also making a big effort to use recyclable, compostable and biodegradable packaging where possible and are dedicated to improving the sustainability of my business as I grow.

Not only do I want to share my love for the water and nature through my art, but I am also committed to inspire our community of swimmers, surfers, beach bums and water lovers alike to become conscious consumers who are passionate about our ocean life, rainforests and the environment as much as I am.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting my small business! Nothing makes me more excited than to see Klearwater be a part of your adventures. Be sure to tag me in your social media posts using @klearwaterstudio and #klearwater so I can see! Snap, tag, share!

Artistically Yours,